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A Call For Justice

Some are protesting, others are donating or sending prayers and or emails. What ever your choice of action is, we have to be diligent.

on June 11, 2020 the Louisville Metro council voted unanimously to ban "no-Knock" warrants in an attempt to prevent what happened to Breonna Taylor from happening again.

Although progress has be made the fight for justice continues as the officers involved in the untimely death of Breonna have yet to be arrested or charged.

Join the 5 million people in demanding justice for Breonna

Keep the fight alive!

Sign the Petition:

Call! Call! Call!

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer: 502-574-2003 and demand the LMPD fire the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor

Special Prosecutor, Attorney General Daniel Cameron : 502-696-5300 and demand the officers involved be charged for the death of Breonna Taylor or email

Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder: 502-574-711 (press 6, then 4) and demand he complete the investigation immediately and turn it over to Breonna's lawyer and the Attorney General


Click the official GoFundMe link below set up by the family of Breonna Taylor

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